We are committed to providing you with the best possible estate plan for your needs, with complete choice and control and maximum legal protection and savings for yourself and your heirs.

We are committed to making sure you understand the process, feel confident about your decisions, and know that you have done something positive for yourself and your loved ones.

We are committed to having a relationship with you in which you know you can call on us for any reason, either now or in the future, and we are committed to giving these results on a continuing basis.


  • We interview and listen to you to find out what you want and need need in your estate plan.
  • We advise you how to best leave things for your family and loved ones.
  • Then we prepare things like living trusts and wills for you.
  • We add in protection for you and your family in case you become incapacitated:
    • A power of attorney for your finances.
    • A power of attorney for your personal care.
    • A power of attorney for your medical decisions.


  • We focus on your avoiding estate and gift taxes.
    • We analyze and propose tax saving approaches
    • We help you put your choices into action
  • If necessary we prepare
    • Federal estate and gift tax return
    • State estate tax returns


  • When the time comes, we assist your loved ones.
    • If we made your plan we assist in putting your plan to work
    • Even if another lawyer made the original plan
      • We put it in action
      • Update it if necessary
  • We take your estate through probate, if necessary.